2017 Edition of the HR Manual Released


26 Jan, 2017

The 2017 edition of the Instant HR Policies and Procedures has just been released.

In this edition …

New Sections & Forms

  • Recruitment has a new section on pre-employment safety screenings for Police Certificates or Working With Children Certificates.
  • New section on cashing out annual leave.
  • New Mental Health in the Workplace Policy.
  • Workplace Violence is a new policy and covers different forms of client violence and aggression. We have also merged armed hold-ups and undesirable client behaviour into this section.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption policy is new. Insider trading has been moved to this new policy.
  • Corporate Credit cards is a new section in Expenditure & Purchasing.
  • New Forms: Cashing out annual leave; several new forms relating to parental leave; Gift and Entertainment Register Form.

Updated Sections

  • Work experience – Added in vocational placements.
  • Work trials – Clarified when they are used.
  • Position Description has been amended to include options for Police Certificate or Working With Children Certificate.
  • Annual leave has been significantly updated to reflect legislative changes including maximum accumulation and notice to direct a person to take leave.
  • Parental leave sections extended.
  • Uniforms – added in religious and cultural clothing.
  • Rearranged Chapter 4: Behaviour and Code of Conduct for more logical flow.
  • Alcohol and drugs policy expanded.
  • Rearranged Chapter 5: Safety & Security for more logical flow.
  • Certificate of Service moved from Chapter 7: Admin to Chapter 2: Conditions of Employment.
  • Fair Work Information Statement link updated.
  • Unsatisfactory performance sections clarified.
  • Updated Forms: Direction to take excess leave; Induction Checklist, Reference Check; Leave application.
  • Orientation Manual now includes a provision that the manual may be subject to change.
  • A stack of grammar, spelling and formatting tweaks to simplify the document even further.


The HR Manual is just $297 Incl. GST for pre-prepared templates, forms, employee policies, procedures and guidelines.

Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual

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Ingrid: Lead Author, Australian Employee Manual
Ingrid: Lead Author, Australian Employee Manual

HR Author and Lecturer with over 25 years’ experience in human resources and workplace relations in Australia. Lead Author of Instant HR Policies & Procedures, NDIS Direct Employment HR Manual, and Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates and Tactics.

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