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Australian Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual – 2018 Edition

Complete Small Business Employee Policies & Procedures Manuals in Minutes


2018 Edition

Up-to-date with Australian Employment Relations, Privacy, Workplace Surveillance & Anti-Discrimination Legislation


280+ Policies & Forms

Written in plain English – Easy to Understand




Specifically written for Australian small to medium businesses



Fully Customisable

Delivered in Word format. Just insert your company name & details



Instant Download

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Free Updates for 12 Months

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Used by Thousands of Businesses

Used in professional service firms, mining, trades, retail, medical, not-for-profits



First published in 2007

A reliable, trusted product that has stood the test of time


Experienced, Tested, Real-World HR Policies for Small Business

To give you a bit more background to this pack – my name is Ingrid Moyle and before I was a copywriter, I was a Human Resource Manager for 25 years in a range of different public and private sector companies, ranging from just a handful of workers to 7000 employees.

HR continues to be part of my life, and until recently I lectured in Employment Relations as a sessional lecturer at ACU in Brisbane. I have an Industrial Relations & Psychology degree and have worked in central government agencies including the Qld Industrial Relations Commission.

One of my areas of expertise is policies and procedures. My first task in every business I worked with was to review existing policies for legislative compliance, and then design and implement missing core policies. When I left pure HR, my clients asked me for a copy of my manual, which is how this pack came about.

You see, nothing was available on the market that had been specifically written for small business. It was either too complex or left too much out. And anything that was as comprehensive as this pack cost and arm and a leg, which put it out of reach of the people who needed it. Other policy packs were filled with jargon and were complex to read and implement. Which is why this pack is written in plain English and is easy to understand and follow.

The policies and procedures in this kit are updated early each year (or more frequently when there are significant legislative changes) and they are vetted by our lawyers to ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

What Others Say

“Thanks so much for your outstanding work. Your policies and procedures are well written, easy to read, easy to customise and have saved me about 2 months worth of effort. They also help to define a company culture that I’m proud to work at. You have been an invaluable assistance to us, and your pack is worth 10x what you charged for it!”

Gareth Mahon

The Care Side

“Heart Harmony Communication’s Instant HR Policies & Procedures is invaluable for small businesses – it is professional, extensive, and immediately accessible. One “find & replace” action was all that was required to create a working draft for our company, and then it was extremely easy to edit to fit our particular situation. It turns a nightmare of documentation requirements into a dream. Thanks Ingrid!”

Dianna Blake

Wimmer Water Solutions

“Our business was lacking HR Policies and procedures and we were looking for help. We were worried that the HR Policies and Procedures Manual would be long winded and hard to follow. We wanted something concise so the staff didn’t tune out before getting to the end.

 When we downloaded the policies, they were exactly what we had hoped for, with some extra information along the way that is amazing! We love all the tips and hints and extra information provided. We also love the easy functionality to be able to copy paste and customise, and the follow-up. It seems you care that your customers are happy.

I would happily recommend the HR Policies and Procedures Manual. It’s a one stop shop for so much information. I’ve gathered some fantastic ideas along the way. It’s certainly value for money.”

Helen Archer

Busy Blue Bus

What Policies are Included?

Check out the full table of contents and sample policies so you know exactly what you will receive and the style of writing.

Imagine being easily able to handle these areas. Instant HR Policies & Procedures contains policies on each of these key HR issues:

Recruitment & Selection

  • Position Descriptions
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Police Checks
  • Working with Children Checks (New)
  • Referee Checks
  • Induction
  • Probation
  • Work Experience & Internships
  • Work Trials

Behaviour & Code of Conduct

  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racial Vilification
  • Whistleblowing
  • Code of Conduct
  • Discipline & Dismissal
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Smoking
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Conflict of interest (including personal relationships at work)

Performance Learning & Development

  • Performance Reviews
  • Learning & Development
  • Unsatisfactory Performance & Poor Performance

Safety & Security

  • Workplace Health & Safety (Statement of policy)
  • Opening & Closing the Building
  • After Hours Access
  • Workplace Violence
  • Domestic & Family Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Receiving Goods Loss Prevention
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid
  • Office Security
  • Fire
  • Working From Home
  • Waste Management & Accidents
  • Workplace Rehabilitation
  • Workplace Surveillance

Information Technology 

  • Information Technology
  • Internet & Social Media
  • Data Breaches
  • Emails
  • Smartphones & tablets
  • Personal Mobile Phones, Instant Messaging
  • Personal Calls & Personal Mail
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Printers, Copiers & Faxes

Administration & Support

  • Office appearance
  • Meeting rooms
  • Client service
  • Client complaints
  • Media enquiries
  • Telephones
  • Expenditure & Purchasing
  • Corporate Credit Cards
  • Motor vehicles
  • Lost Property

Conditions of Employment

  • Employment type
  • Job sharing
  • Hours of Work
  • Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Casual to permanent conversion (New)
  • Time off in lieu (New)
  • Punctuality
  • Shift swapping
  • Public Holidays
  • Overtime
  • Timesheets
  • Family Friendly Provisions
  • Pregnancy
  • Transgender Team Members
  • Reasonable Adjustment
  • Pay & Pay records
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Privacy of Personnel Files & Records
  • Access to records
  • Staff privacy
  • Staff Discount
  • Car Parking
  • Annual Leave & Cashing Out Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave (sick leave, carers leave)
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Jury service
  • Community Service Leave
  • Leave without pay
  • Long Service Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Christmas Closedown
  • Outside employment
  • Termination of employment
  • Redundancy
  • Exit procedures
  • Abandonment of employment
  • Death
  • Privacy & confidentiality
  • Intellectual Property
  • Appearance and Uniforms
  • Travel – use of own car
  • Travel – on business

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More happy business owners …

“Having tried various other packages, they were all too difficult to understand, and needed far too many alterations to be user-friendly for us to implement.

Having had a few new staff come on board recently I have needed Orientation & Policy to hand out that were relevant to us. Your offering is written in a very easy way to understand & indeed how we “speak” in our business.

I was needing to have better procedures in place for phone and Facebook usage, sick leave, rostering acknowledgement to name a few. I have existing policy’s, but yours is so much more concise and comes across with the right amount of authority needed in such a document.

It is more than I ever would have dreamed that I would get. It covers what I was looking for and then some!”

Virginia Weckert


“… you have covered everything and it was very easy to adapt to our Company culture – also having an Australian focus was very useful as most of the other online versions available are US law based, although ironically I actually bought it for our US office and adapted it but have since used it for our Australian office as well.”

Kristine Inkster

“Has been really helpful and definitely saved me time. Have written some P&P of my own but this covers many other things I hadn’t thought of and which would have taken me a lot of time to write myself. It is up to date with latest regulations. A good reminder of all the things I need to be doing as an employer.”

Kate Marsh

I needed a policy and procedures manual but simply didn’t know where to start writing one. Your manual was extremely comprehensive. All I needed to do was delete a few sections which didn’t relate and it was perfect. The forms were great to have on hand.

I love the entire package as well as the ease of use and instant download. Aside from that how do I describe something I appreciate so much? 

Your kit saves a lot of time and it’s up to date with current legislation so it keeps a business owner within the law.”

Jason Killick

“What I liked most about Instant HR Policies & Procedures is just that – Instant! These manuals are perfect for a small company just starting to get to grips with HR practices and the value they can add to the company. It has a lot of information that could easily be overlooked. It is easily updated or customized to the company’s requirements and is very easy to purchase. “

Heidi Casey

“We were trying to formulate an HR Manual that we currently don’t have and we were initially worried if the kit was comprehensive enough to cover what we wanted it to.

What we found was the information was very good. It is written in an easy to understand language and it is quite comprehensive. We appreciate that we can easily change the documents to suit ourselves and include the Company logo and title etc. I thought the cost was very reasonable for what is quite a comprehensive resource.”

Darren McKinnon

Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee

We know many businesses worry about buying over the net. That’s why you are protected by our full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t agree that Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual provides easy to read and apply HR Policies & Procedures, and is a practical employee handbook for small to medium businesses, we will happily refund your full purchase price.

Do people ever take us up on the guarantee? Yes! We refunded one HR Policies & Procedures Manual to one business as it was too detailed for their needs, and one to another business as the manual wasn’t detailed enough. We understand that our Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual templates are not right for all businesses and all people.

Still more happy client feedback …

“I was revising the P&P manual for an NFP organisation that was very much outdated and I was worried about what needed and should be covered in a manual.

When I downloaded the Instant HR Manual I found relief. Because I had used an earlier version I knew that I would get the template I needed and could adjust the content to suit the organisation. I specifically like the ease by which I could add policies that I had already started in regards to the specifics of this organisation and the flow on from the manuals content.I also like the formatting, indexing, language and the hints in blue.

I would highly recommend the Instant HR Manual. It takes away all the guess work. It allows me to get on with the job of producing a valuable document for the organisation. Thank you Ingrid for this great tool that is making my work and life that much more relaxed.”

Kay Gehan

“I was initially worried that the manual was not in hardcopy and I was paying over the internet. What I found was I loved it! I’m doing my advanced diploma in Children’s Services, and as a Director it was great to get different ideas and policies. I have now got a whole new procedure for my employment and my staff appraisals.”


“I have been struggling to put together even the smallest of employee manuals with a group of policies, And now that I have tailored the Instant HR Policies & Procedures into my manual, I can’t believe how professional it has made our business. I loved that it is almost idiot proof! Everything is explained in easy to understand language.”

Jenni Reiffel

“Loved the stock letters! You’ve saved me hours of work! The manual is very comprehensive, accurate and “best practice” approach. Fantastic to get updated HR information which I can then easily customise for our organisation, rather than laboriously bringing our documents up to date, And the documents are well written, succinct and easy to tailor.”

Monica Benyk

“Easy to use. Lots of information, with different options. It is great value for money and has everything a small-business needs.”

Greg Mason

You Get All of These Policies & Bonuses!

When you download today you’ll receive ALL of these as part of your pack

Just $217 Incl. GST for Everything!

Instant Download of HR Policies & Procedures

You receive immediate electronic access to our full HR Policies & Procedures Manual so you can get started right away on creating your full HR Policies and Procedures Employee Handbook for your business.

12 months of access to all updates that occur to the Manual during the year.

After 12 months, you will be billed a low renewal rate of just $21.75 incl. GST annually to retain access to every update issued each year. That’s ongoing peace of mind!

Instant HR Manual Cover
HR Forms Bonus

Bonus #1: HR Forms & Templates

A pack filled to the brim with useful HR Forms and templates including Position Description template, Recruitment and Selection Checklist, Applicant Acknowledgement Letter, Applicant Rejection letter, Reference check, New Team Member checklist, Induction form, Team Member Details Form, Payslip Details Form, Leave Application, Timesheet, Probation Evaluation Form, Performance Appraisal Form, Transition Plan, Exit Form, Exit checklist, Resignation Acceptance, Excess Leave, Part-time Hours of Work Agreement, Change of pay rate letter, Transfer/Promotion Letter, Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form, Expense Form, Letter of Appointment (Casual), Letter of Appointment (Fulltime/Part-time), Payroll Deduction Form, Probation Success Letter, Unsuccessful Probation Letter, Christmas Closedown Notice, Incident Report, Unsatisfactory Work Performance/ Discipline – First/Second Warning, Unsatisfactory Work Performance/ Discipline – Final Warning, Letter of Termination – With Notice, Letter of Termination – Summary Dismissal/Serious Misconduct

Bonus #2: New Employee Orientation Manual

A separate New Employee Orientation Manual, ready to be customised, that covers all major things a new team member needs to know in their first week of employment with your company. It will help you plan and deliver highly focused inductions to get your new team member up to speed – FAST, as well as limit the, “You didn’t tell me that” conversations down the track.

Orientation Manual
HR Articles Cover

Bonus #3: HR Articles

A pile of practical and useful HR articles to help you implement your HR Policies & Procedures in your business. This pack includes:

  • Reasons why you need a HR Manual;
  • Implementation Tips on how to implement your HR Manual;
  • How to write your own HR Policies;
  • How to hire your first team member;
  • How to make Codes of Conduct “stick”; and
  • Firing Tips – how to fire someone respectfully.

Bonus #4: Performance Review Forms

A whole pile of different Performance Review forms, ranging from simple one page forms to more detailed and complex strategies.

Performance Review Forms

Click Here for Instant Access to the 2018 Edition + All The Bonuses

Total Cost Just $217 Incl. GST

Plus an annual renewal of $21.75 Incl. GST

Pay with either PayPal or your credit card

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Why so inexpensive?

We regularly get calls from people wanting to check that documents and all the bonuses only cost $217 Incl. GST. They want to know why we don’t charge hundreds more.

The reason is that we are a small Australian business and want to support other small businesses like ours. We know small businesses don’t have the cash to splash around – they simply want good solutions delivered fast. Which is why we pruned out everything that adds to the cost of packages. There is no fancy additional software, no discs, no packaging, no printing. There are no big offices and no expensive marketing. And we don’t do daily updates – just once a year major reviews (unless there are significant legislative changes).

We pruned out of all our costs which means we can make it affordable and easy to access by most businesses. That’s why we can keep our costs low … and have kept them low since 2007 when we issued the first edition of our manual.

Instant HR Policies and Procedures gives you everything you need to effectively manage your team. Best of all, you can access every piece of my knowledge, every hard won fact, every experience with companies just like yours. And – you can get your hands on it all instantly.

Ingrid Moyle
Money Back Guarantee

PS: Remember, you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee!

PPS:  If you don’t receive your download email within 5 minutes of purchase, please get in touch. Hotmail accounts and some business accounts eat our download emails and we will work with you to find another way to get your downloads to you.

Disclaimer: Because of the complexity of the Industrial Relations system in Australia, the Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual templates cannot provide you with detailed legal advice for your specific situation. We recommend you seek independent legal advice on your final manual to ensure it fully covers your particular business circumstances.

On buying the kit, we will offer you the option to join our mailing list to notify you of any updates and to share useful business tips to help manage your team and your business. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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