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The easy way to create effective policies and procedures for your team.

Employee templates, forms and easy to follow processes to help you comply with your human resource legal requirements.

Australian Employee Manual Products

More time delivering. Less time managing people problems.

We believe in making managing your team easy. When you are in a small business or a not-for-profit, you may not have a human resources professional on your team or can’t afford to hire a consultant. That’s where we come in!

Through our easy-to-apply employee templates, processes and forms, you can get back to growing your business or delivering a service, rather than spending weeks bogged down in human resources.

Easy to follow processes

Easy to follow processes

Step-by-step instructions.
Written for Australian SMEs


Written specifically for Australian small to medium businesses.
Written in plain English

Written in plain English

Minimal jargon and big words.
Budget friendly

Budget friendly

Low cost but high quality.
Legally compliant

Legally compliant

Complies with Australian laws and regulations.


Thorough and informative.

Our Most Popular Products

Since 2007, we have been helping businesses with employee templates, forms, letters and procedures covering everything from hiring to firing employees.

What People Say About Our Products

“I have been struggling to put together even the smallest of employee manuals with a group of policies, And now that I have tailored the Instant HR Policies & Procedures into my manual, I can’t believe how professional it has made our business. I loved that it is almost idiot proof! Everything is explained in easy to understand language.”

Jenni Reiffel

“Loved the stock letters! You’ve saved me hours of work! The manual is very comprehensive, accurate and “best practice” approach. Fantastic to get updated HR information which I can then easily customise for our organisation, rather than laboriously bringing our documents up to date. And the documents are well written, succinct and easy to tailor.”

Monica Benyk

“Easy to use. Lots of information, with different options. It is great value for money and has everything a small-business needs.”

Greg Mason

“It was clear and easy to use. The recorded training sessions were a bonus and easy to listen to, Ingrid’s voice is not grating and it was good to have an Australian accent as well. It reduced my workload considerably.”

Suzanne Kuzio

“Has been really helpful and definitely saved me time. Have written some Policies and Procedures of my own but this covers many other things I hadn’t thought of and which would have taken me a lot of time to write myself. It is up to date with latest regulations. A good reminder of all the things I need to be doing as an employer.”

Dr Kate Marsh

Northside Nutrition & Dietetics, Chatswood NSW

About the Employee Manual Team

The Australian Employee Manual is part of Heart Harmony Communications. Our lead author is Ingrid Moyle who has spent over 25 years at senior levels in Human Resources and Employment Relations, and an additional 10 years enhancing small business communication.