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Affiliate Program


If you enjoy our HR templates & Employee Performance Review Kit and you feel they would be of value to your clients, there are a number of ways you can refer them to your clients and be rewarded for your thoughtfulness. 

Our affiliate program allows you to generate income without any cost or obligation on your part.

It’s free and easy to join! You must operate or own a website to be a part of this Affiliate Program.


Become an Australian Employee Manual Affiliate – It’s Fast & Simple!


  1. Apply to become an Affiliate using our handy online form
  2. Once approved, we will send you details of how to log into the system where you will find your special affiliate codes, a as well as a stack of banner ads you can use in your marketing.
  3. Link to the relevant pages using the special codes you will be provided.
  4. Refer people to those sites and be paid for every sale!

Affiliate FAQ

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is where your refer people to our products from your website or email, and get a % of any sales that arise from that referral.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up, just fill in our Application Form and agree to our Terms and Conditions. We will review your details and if accepted, we will send you through an email with details of how to log into our system. When you log in, you will find your special affiliate links, images and reporting information so you can track your sales.

What Are the Terms & Conditions of the Program?

Please read through all the terms and conditions of our affiliate program before applying.

Read Our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

How Much Are The Commissions?

We pay a base amount of 50% for each successfully completed sale. If the client seeks a refund, then no commission will be paid for that sale (we generally only get 2-3 refund requests per year).

How Are Payments Made?

We pay all commissions once per month electronically via PayPal.

How Do I Link To Your Site?

Once you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate ID Number and be given unique links to use on your website when you promote our HR Manual or Employee Performance Review Kit.

Everyone who clicks through the link from your website carries your Affiliate ID Number with them.

As soon as orders for the products start coming in from referrals from your site, you make money! We handle the orders, delivery and billing. And we pay you 50% commission for the sale!

Can I Join Your Program If I Am Outside Australia?

Our products are specifically written for Australian small businesses. This means that we will not generally approve Affiliates who are targeting businesses outside Australia.

We also offer discounts extremely rarely to our products, which means we do not approve Affiliates from coupon or discount sites.


A Few Rules (This is the Summary Version)

  • We do not tolerate any spamming. Any affiliates who spam will have their affiliate links blocked and will forfeit any unpaid commissions.
  • You may not join this affiliate program to get a discount on your own product purchase.
  • We do not allow affiliates to promote our products on any illegal, gambling or adult sites, or any sites that promote hatred, violence, discrimination, or which infringe on any copyright or intellectual property rights of the Australian Employee Manual.
  • We require all affiliates to comply with all ACCC and AANA Codes of Ethics & Guides in their marketing, which includes declaring that they may earn an affiliate fee for promoting this product.

Join Our Affiliate Program Now. It’s Free!

You earn 50% of the sale of every affiliate product offered by the Australian Employee Manual referred through your Affiliate link.

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