What Managers Should Know About Employee Performance Reviews

Create positive performance reviews that create effective and lasting performance improvements.

Employee Performance Review Templates

Struggling with employee performance?

Employee Performance Reviews can be one of the best tools to boost performance, improve morale and increase productivity … if they are done well.

But too often people just fill in the forms and wonder why they didn’t get the results they were looking for. Or, they are suddenly faced by an employee in tears, or who gets angry during their performance appraisal. Or, they have to deal with a poor performer.

These everyday events can trip up the most experienced managers – and derail your whole employee review process unless you know what to do.


Employee Performance Reviews: Tips Templates & Tactics can help!

Why choose Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics?

Easy to follow

Easy to follow processes

Step-by-step instructions and easy to understand training.

Simple to customise

Simple to customise

Comes in Word format. Simply insert your company name and details.
Written in plain English

Written in plain English

Minimal jargon and big words.
Budget friendly

Budget friendly

Low cost but high quality.
Instant download

Instant Download

No waiting for books or complex software. Get started today.


Written specifically for Australian small to medium businesses.
Easy as 1 2 3

Easy As 1…2…3…

Create your performance management system in minutes. Start by downloading the documents (they come in Word format). Then search and replace ABCD with your company name. Finally, review your document and tweak the processes to match how you want your business to run. Simple!

What You Will Learn From the Performance Review Pack

Discover these vital performance management answers.

  • The 4 stages of performance management (everything else is just window dressing).
  • Powerful reasons for both managers and employees to conduct performance reviews.
  • How to get your employees buy-in to the performance review process.
  • 13 things you MUST do before each review.
  • Why location, location, location – is not just for real estate.
  • The one key ingredient that, if missing, will make your employee reviews fail.
  • Brilliant questions to ask to get the most out of your employees.
  • How to set performance measures that actually work.
  • Tips to deal with salary and bonus issues.
  • Strategies on how to conduct probation reviews – so you can quickly get a new employee up to speed in their role (and make a better assessment of whether or not they will fit).
  • The nitty gritty stuff like – what do you say first, second and third during a review?
  • How to manage an employee who cries, gets angry or goes silent on you.
  • Techniques to deal with an employee who over-rates their own ability – what you need to do to bring them back into balance.
  • Processes to manage learning and development.
  • Strategies for dealing with poor performers – What do you do if someone is a nice enough person but just not performing?
  • Procedures on how to deal with someone deliberately breaking the rules. If you get these steps wrong you could be in for a very costly experience before the courts. It pays to get these steps right!

Wonderful feedback

"We have conducted some very successful performance reviews using the templates etc over the last week – much better than what we had used previously! I liked how it wasn’t just one solution to fit all. There is good information on how to conduct reviews and what to do with difficult ones. I also liked the sections on discipline and induction. The pack is very useful and cost-effective."

Gail Pimm

Gail Pimm

"I like that the topics are split up into a series of sessions so that the learning focus can be targeted for each session.  Very thorough.  

The MP3 files are pleasant to listen to, the tone is very relaxed, as though having a conversation with you. I like that the product comes with transcripts of the MP3 files.

The many different examples of appraisal templates are very helpful.   Fantastic value for money!"

Jodie Manning

"I needed to do a performance review with one of my employees so needed to refresh my knowledge on this topic and get some templates to use. I found the mp3’s great – as I could listen to these from my phone. I liked the way you speak with confidence and experience of what really works in real life – not just management theory. Also the examples of what to say and what not to say."


"Comprehensive but still user-friendly."

John Filewood

"It was clear and easy to use. The recorded training sessions were a bonus and easy to listen to, Ingrid’s voice is not grating and it was good to have an Australian accent as well. It reduced my workload considerably.

The package was pretty comprehensive, the difficult areas of non-performance and change management advice was very good. It was particularly helpful to me as we were encountering problems with one of our staff and the advice on acting promptly especially in diligence really made us review management practices and how we could improve them by setting clear performance objectives, identify performance gaps and how to coach staff on improving.

It will save managers time and money, it is good value for money and if the advice is applied will probably save expensive HR mistakes being made. The practical advice on change management and difficult reviews will help those with minimal HR resources and help them recognise potential problems before they happen. It helps produce a professional sound framework in HR which is easy to follow and use."

Suzanne Kuzio

"I own a very small company and recently had to do my first employee review ever. Your book was just what I needed! Thanks to your information and templates, the review ended up being a very professional and positive experience for both me and my employee."

Penelope Regula

"I was looking for a simple, easy-to-use guide for performance reviews. Employee Performance Reviews simply outlined the process for reviews and was most informative. I particularly liked the templates and the guide on how to conduct performance reviews, as well as the specific information regarding setting the scene and 10 great questions."

Nicola Robson

What’s in the Employee Performance Reviews Pack?

Download today and receive Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics PLUS all of these bonuses.

Performance Review Template Pack
Employee peformance review forms & templates
Performance review ebook

Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics

Employee Performance Review Tips, Templates and Tactics pack contains ready-to-go:

  • probation policies and templates,
  • performance review policies and templates,
  • learning & development policies and templates,
  • poor work performance policies and templates,

…all ready to be customised for your business.

Employee Performance Review Training Sessions
Performance Management recordings

Bonus 1: 90 minutes of laser-targeted training in  Performance Management Training (8 x MP3s)

8 separate MP3 training sessions so you can get targeted training on the essentials of performance management. It’s like having a personal one-on-one training session to quickly get you up to speed.

Session 1: Introduction to Performance Management & Performance Management Myths (16.02 minutes)
Session 2: Legal Context – get these bits wrong and it will cost you (5.27 minutes)
Session 3: Performance Management Systems and Processes – the most common systems and processes (13.21 minutes)
Session 4: Critical preparation you need to do before each review and the most common mistakes managers make (14.25 minutes)
Session 5: Feedback, coaching and communication – how you say it makes a difference (13.52 minutes)
Session 6: Dealing with sensitive issues – tears, anger, gossip, BO and other lovely topics (18.55 minutes)
Session 7: Probation Performance reviews (8.11 minutes)
Session 8: Dealing with Poor Performance (15.45 minutes)

Employee Performance Review Transcripts

Bonus 2: Training Transcrips

Transcripts of the training recordings (if you prefer to read rather than listen).

Employee performance review forms

Bonus 3: Performance Review Forms

A stack of performance review forms perfect for all sizes and types of businesses.
Performance Review Questions

Bonus 4: Performance Review Questions

100 exceptional questions to help clarify roles, refine goals and create a shared vision.
Articles about employee performance reviews

Bonus 5: Performance Review Articles

  • How to Review Jobs That Have Changed
  • How to Conduct a Performance Review of Freelancers or Subcontractors
  • Executive Performance Reviews: Why The Boss Needs a Review
  • 7 Ways to Help People Transition Throught Change
  • Are They REALLY a Poor Performer
  • New Employee Inductions
  • Firing Tips – How to Let Someone Go Respectfully

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Your Employee Performance Reviews Pack Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions about the Employee Performance Reviews pack.

Are all the bonuses included in the price?

Yes. You get the full Employee Performance Reviews; Tips, Templates & Tactics ebook, as well as all of the bonuses included for the one price.

Are they easy to customise?

All the documents come in either Word format (so you can edit them) or PDF (for purely informational documents that you don’t need to edit). If you can use the basic features of Word, you can edit these documents. We also include instructions so you can update your contents page when you are finished editing.

Why is it so inexpensive?

We regularly get calls from people wanting to know why we don’t charge hundreds more for the package. We believe every business has the right to know how to comply with employment legislation without breaking the bank. That is why we pruned out everything that adds unnecessary cost. There is no fancy additional software, no disks, no packaging and no printing so we can keep costs as low as possible.

I haven't received my download emails. Can you help?

First, take a look in your junk or spam folder as sometimes they end up in there. If you don’t receive your download email within 5 minutes of purchase, please get in touch. Hotmail accounts and some business accounts with super aggressive spam filters may eat our download emails. Call us on (07) 3712 2367 or email us and we will work with you to find another way to get your downloads to you.