Kind words from small business owners who have experienced our employee management products.

Instant HR Policies & Procedures Feedback

Saved me about 2 months worth of effort

"Your policies and procedures are well written, easy to read, easy to customise and have saved me about 2 months worth of effort. They also help to define a company culture that I'm proud to work at. You have been an invaluable assistance to us, and your pack is worth 10x what you charged for it!"

Gareth Mahon

The Care Side, West Perth WA

Australian focus very useful

“… you have covered everything and it was very easy to adapt to our Company culture – also having an Australian focus was very useful as most of the other online versions available are US law based.”

Kristine Inkster

Arbortech, Brisbane

Perfect for a small company

"What I liked most about Instant HR Policies & Procedures is just that - Instant! These manuals are perfect for a small company just starting to get to grips with HR practices and the value they can add to the company. It has a lot of information that could easily be overlooked. It is easily updated or customized to the company's requirements and is very easy to purchase. "

Heidi Casey


Very comprehensive, accurate and best practice approach

"Loved the stock letters! You've saved me hours of work! The manual is very comprehensive, accurate and "best practice" approach. Fantastic to get updated HR information which I can then easily customise for our organisation, rather than laboriously bringing our documents up to date. And the documents are well written, succinct and easy to tailor."

Monica Benyk

Great to get different ideas

"I was initially worried that the manual was not in hardcopy and I was paying over the internet. What I found was I loved it! I'm doing my advanced diploma in Children's Services, and as a Director it was great to get different ideas and policies. I have now got a whole new procedure for my employment and my staff appraisals."


Covered many things I hadn't thought of

“Has been really helpful and definitely saved me time. Have written some P&P of my own but this covers many other things I hadn’t thought of and which would have taken me a lot of time to write myself. It is up to date with latest regulations. A good reminder of all the things I need to be doing as an employer.”

Dr Kate Marsh

Northside Nutrition & Dietetics, Chatswood NSW

Right amount of authority

“Having tried various other packages, they were all too difficult to understand, and needed far too many alterations to be user-friendly for us to implement.

Having had a few new staff come on board recently I have needed Orientation & Policy to hand out that were relevant to us. Your offering is written in a very easy way to understand & indeed how we “speak” in our business.

I was needing to have better procedures in place for phone and Facebook usage, sick leave, rostering acknowledgement to name a few. I have existing policy’s, but yours is so much more concise and comes across with the right amount of authority needed in such a document.

It is more than I ever would have dreamed that I would get. It covers what I was looking for and then some!”

Virginia Weckert

Charles Melton Wines, Tanunda SA

Should be an essential part of every business

"Instant HR Policies and Procedures is a fantastic resource that should be an essential part of any business that employs staff or is considering going down this path. This clear, concise manual tells you absolutely everything you need to know from the recruitment and selection process right through to conditions of employment and the nitty-gritty of paperwork and forms. Ingrid's comprehensive manual really does make employing and managing staff a breeze; I can highly recommend investing in it."

Donna-Marie Coggins

Everything that our HR department needed

"The policies and procedures manual had basically everything that our HR department needed to make a start. It also came with the form templates that complemented the policies and procedures perfectly."

Roslind Brown

Easy to navigate and understand

"We had created an internal company intranet and I needed policies and procedures to be included.

Initially we were concerned if the Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual would have all the information I needed. But we found it was very comprehensive.

The level of detail and currency of information was brilliant, and it was easy to navigate and understand.

 Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual is great value for money."

Samantha Calleja

Arli Homes

Great manual with a good price point

"We wanted a manual for employees for policies and procedures. We were quoted $2000 by a HR consultant to create one for us.

We were initially concerned that it may be tailored to the US and not Australia, that the language would be too official and not everyday use. We found that it was Australian and easy to understand.

We appreciated the instant download, that it is customisable, and the bonuses.

We would recommend Instant HR Policies and Procedures as it's a great manual with a good price point."


Black Bean Coffee

Invaluable for small businesses

“Instant HR Policies & Procedures is invaluable for small businesses – it is professional, extensive, and immediately accessible. One “find & replace” action was all that was required to create a working draft for our company, and then it was extremely easy to edit to fit our particular situation. It turns a nightmare of documentation requirements into a dream. ”

Dianna Blake

Wimmer Water Solutions, Horsham Vic

Your Manual Was Extremely Comprehensive

"I needed a policy and procedures manual but simply didn't know where to start writing one. Your manual was extremely comprehensive. All I needed to do was delete a few sections which didn't relate and it was perfect. The forms were great to have on hand.

I love the entire package as well as the ease of use and instant download. Aside from that how do I describe something I appreciate so much? 

Your kit saves a lot of time and it's up to date with current legislation so it keeps a business owner within the law."

Jason Killick

Jason Killick Funerals. Caboolture QLD

Great ROI

We were in the process of writing and implementing policies and procedures within our growing business, but we did not know where to start. Writing such policies from scratch is time consuming and tedious.

We found that we could take the different aspects of policies that we are wanting to implement and using HR Policies & Procedures we had a framework that we could work to, customising the documents to suite our business.

We liked the ease of having all policies in one place.

The cost is always a factor in small business, Instant HR Policies & Procedures is a comprehensive solution for a reasonable price. Great ROI.

Charles Robertson

Managing Director – La Vie Group WA

Great value for money

"Easy to use. Lots of information, with different options. It is great value for money and has everything a small-business needs."

Greg Mason

I can't believe how professional it has made our business

"I have been struggling to put together even the smallest of employee manuals with a group of policies, And now that I have tailored the Instant HR Policies & Procedures into my manual, I can't believe how professional it has made our business. I loved that it is almost idiot proof! Everything is explained in easy to understand language."

Jenni Reiffel

Takes away all the guesswork

"I was revising the P&P manual for an NFP organisation that was very much outdated and I was worried about what needed and should be covered in a manual.

When I downloaded the Instant HR Manual I found relief. Because I had used an earlier version I knew that I would get the template I needed and could adjust the content to suit the organisation. I specifically like the ease by which I could add policies that I had already started in regards to the specifics of this organisation and the flow on from the manuals content. I also like the formatting, indexing, language and the hints in blue.

I would highly recommend the Instant HR Manual. It takes away all the guesswork. It allows me to get on with the job of producing a valuable document for the organisation. Thank you Ingrid for this great tool that is making my work and life that much more relaxed."

Kay Gehan

Easy to understand language

"We were trying to formulate an HR Manual that we currently don’t have and we were initially worried if the kit was comprehensive enough to cover what we wanted it to.

What we found was the information was very good. It is written in an easy to understand language and it is quite comprehensive. We appreciate that we can easily change the documents to suit ourselves and include the Company logo and title etc. I thought the cost was very reasonable for what is quite a comprehensive resource."

Darren McKinnon

AIC Management, Vietnam

Love all the tips and hints and extra information

"Our business was lacking HR Policies and procedures and we were looking for help. We were worried that the HR Policies and Procedures Manual would be long-winded and hard to follow. We wanted something concise so the staff didn’t tune out before getting to the end.

 When we downloaded the policies, they were exactly what we had hoped for, with some extra information along the way that is amazing! We love all the tips and hints and extra information provided. We also love the easy functionality to be able to copy paste and customise, and the follow-up. It seems you care that your customers are happy.

I would happily recommend the HR Policies and Procedures Manual. It’s a one stop shop for so much information. I’ve gathered some fantastic ideas along the way. It’s certainly value for money."

Helen Archer

Busy Blue Bus, Albany WA

Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics Feedback

"We have conducted some very successful performance reviews using the templates etc over the last week – much better than what we had used previously! I liked how it wasn’t just one solution to fit all. There is good information on how to conduct reviews and what to do with difficult ones. I also liked the sections on discipline and induction. The pack is very useful and cost-effective."

Gail Pimm

"I like that the topics are split up into a series of sessions so that the learning focus can be targeted for each session.  Very thorough.  

The MP3 files are pleasant to listen to, the tone is very relaxed, as though having a conversation with you. I like that the product comes with transcripts of the MP3 files.

The many different examples of appraisal templates are very helpful.   Fantastic value for money!"

Jodie Manning

"I needed to do a performance review with one of my employees so needed to refresh my knowledge on this topic and get some templates to use. I found the mp3’s great – as I could listen to these from my phone. I liked the way you speak with confidence and experience of what really works in real life – not just management theory. Also the examples of what to say and what not to say."


"Comprehensive but still user-friendly."

John Filewood

"Easy to understand and in an easy format."

Michelle McKenna

"No one likes their performance reviewed but this kit keep gives you that extra bit of confidence in being able to handle the reactions and personalities that are in the industry. Overall a great kit. Well set out. Easy to understand and a great tool for supervisors who are green and also a great refresher for those of us who aren't."

Adrian Cornelissen

"It was clear and easy to use. The recorded training sessions were a bonus and easy to listen to, Ingrid’s voice is not grating and it was good to have an Australian accent as well. It reduced my workload considerably.

The package was pretty comprehensive, the difficult areas of non-performance and change management advice was very good. It was particularly helpful to me as we were encountering problems with one of our staff and the advice on acting promptly especially in diligence really made us review management practices and how we could improve them by setting clear performance objectives, identify performance gaps and how to coach staff on improving.

It will save managers time and money, it is good value for money and if the advice is applied will probably save expensive HR mistakes being made. The practical advice on change management and difficult reviews will help those with minimal HR resources and help them recognise potential problems before they happen. It helps produce a professional sound framework in HR which is easy to follow and use."

Suzanne Kuzio

"I own a very small company and recently had to do my first employee review ever. Your book was just what I needed! Thanks to your information and templates, the review ended up being a very professional and positive experience for both me and my employee."

Penelope Regula

"I was looking for a simple, easy-to-use guide for performance reviews. Employee Performance Reviews simply outlined the process for reviews and was most informative. I particularly liked the templates and the guide on how to conduct performance reviews, as well as the specific information regarding setting the scene and 10 great questions."

Nicola Robson

"When I first bought Employee Performance Reviews, I thought if it wasn’t what I wanted, I wouldn’t be breaking the bank. What I found was it was easy to read, excellent to listen to and the templates are always great. It is real information."

Paul Skinner

"Clear and concise - adaptable for the business."

Heike Sassenberg

NDIS Self Managers Direct Employment HR Manual Feedback

"As an Independent Support Coordinator with Jeder Institute I work with many participants who choose to Self- Manage their NDIS Funding and who want to Directly Employ their own staff. Doing this gives them maximum amounts of choice and control but it does have legal requirements and responsibilities which need to be considered.

The NDIS Self Managers Direct Employment HR Manual and Employee Handbook provides an easy to read, customisable formal framework for Direct Employers.

It has been an honour and a pleasure working with the Australian Employee Manual creating such a fabulous and affordable product! This is an absolute must-have for all NDIS Participants who Directly Employ their own staff.


Jeder Institute, NSW