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The Australian Employee Manual and other HR products are produced by Ingrid Moyle and the team at Heart Harmony Communications.

About Ingrid Moyle


Before Ingrid started Heart Harmony Communications, she was a senior Human Resource Manager for over 25 years in a range of different public and private sector companies including the Qld Industrial Relations Commission. She has implemented effective human resources in companies ranging from just a handful of workers to 7000 employees,

She delivered strategic and operational planning across a variety of government agencies and companies, and ensured each area had robust people management strategies, change management strategies and workplace cultures that delivered strategic outcomes.

Ingrid built leadership capacity across companies, ensuring competent leadership existed at all levels within the organisation. She monitored and enhanced staff engagement and satisfaction levels, and designed, managed and implemented performance management processes with particular focus on 360-degree performance processes for executive employees.

She was responsible for embedding ethical business practices, and developing and implementing diversity programs across agencies.

Ingrid was involved in negotiations on Public Sector Award restructuring, assisted the preparation and advocacy of industrial cases for the Industrial Commission, assisted the development of and managed the implementation and translation to the new Public Sector Classification and Remuneration system (Public Service Award – State), and developed a number of sector wide standards including Position Descriptions, and Remuneration.

HR continues to be part of her life, and until recently she lectured in Employment Relations as a sessional lecturer at ACU in Brisbane to final year business management students. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Relations & Psychology) from the UNSW.

Ingrid’s passion is effective communication and simplifying complex concepts into plain English. She understands that start-ups and small businesses don’t have the budget or large teams to implement effective human resources, so developed our suite of products to help managers meet their obligations without hassle or drama


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