2018 Edition of the HR Manual Released


16 Mar, 2018

The 2018 edition of the Instant HR Policies and Procedures has just been released.

In this edition …


New Sections

  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Casual to Permanent Conversion
  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Time Off in Lieu.
  • Chapter 6 – Information Technology – Data Breaches.
  • Chapter 6 – Information Technology – Smartphones & Tablets. New procedures relating to smartphone and tablets, as well as BYOD (Bring your own devices). Inclusion of recognition that answering calls/emails outside of allocated working hours is classed as time worked under your award/industrial agreement/individual contract.


New Forms

  • Recruitment and Selection Checklist
  • Change of Pay Rate
  • Transfer/Promotion.


Updated Sections

  • Chapter 1 – Recruitment & Selection – Position Descriptions – Other Requirements extended to include use of private smartphones or tablets, and private vehicles for business related use.
  • Chapter 1 – Recruitment & Selection – Pre-Employment Safety Screening – Police Check. Clarified the anti-discrimination requirements.
  • Chapter 1 – Recruitment & Selection – extended the initial section relating to activities to undertake before advertising a vacant position.
  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Payroll Processing. Clarified provision relating to withholding of pay until a timesheet is submitted.
  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Long Service Leave. More guidance given on where to find the state legislation that covers long service leave as the provisions vary from state to state. Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Christmas Closedown. Christmas Closedown clarified to refer to the award or agreement.
  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Travel. Travel Allowance – included reference to the ATO rates for reasonable rates for domestic and overseas travel, as well as including the term “per diem” for industries that use that term.
  • Chapter 2 – Conditions of Employment – Abandonment of Employment. Reference to check awards/agreements before including this clause as some awards/agreements have additional requirements). Additional sentence in relation to inclusion of consequences for non-respond.
  • Chapter 3 – Performance, Learning & Development – Unsatisfactory Work Performance – Amended reference to the Unsatisfactory Work Performance Letter rather than a memo.
  • Chapter 4 – Code of Conduct – Conflict of Interest. New example added to highlight problems of being in a close personal relationship with another team member.
  • Chapter 5 – Safety & Security – Workplace Violence – Section on Armed Hold-Ups changed to Robbery and Hold-ups to take into account findings from an unfair dismissal case Mistry v Woolworths (Fair Work Commission, 2017) that found the person was unfairly dismissed for not following the armed hold up procedure because there was no visible gun.
  • Chapter 5 – Safety & Security – First Aid. Expanded provisions relating to what to do when providing first aid.
  • Chapter 6 – Information Technology to better reflect the different types of IT equipment and smartphone supply and reimbursement.
  • Chapter 7 – Administration & Support – Telephones. Changed the section heading “Telephones” in Section 7 to Answering Telephones to more clearly define what the section is about.
  • Chapter 7 – Administration & Support – Motor Vehicles, extended to include private vehicles driven for work related purposes.
  • Orientation Manual Updated to reflect the changes above.


General Changes

  • Changed ABCD to Abcd to make it easier to search and replace your company name without turning the name to all capitals.
  • Minor grammar, spelling and formatting tweaks to simplify the document even further.


The HR Manual is just $297 Incl. GST for pre-prepared templates, forms, employee policies, procedures and guidelines.

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