2020 Editions of our HR Manual Series of Products Released


25 Feb, 2020

We have just released the updated versions of our Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual, NDIS Agencies HR Manual, NDIS Self Managers HR Manual and New Employee Induction Manual.

Both the Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual and the NDIS Agencies HR Manual have two new policies added:

  • Pandemics
  • Natural Disasters & Severe Weather

Pandemics Policy

The Pandemics policy is designed to help businesses start to plan for a pandemic situation.

While the Coronavirus/COVID-19 has not yet been declared a pandemic, many workplaces want to start to plan what to do if 1/3  to 1/2 of their workforce can’t attend work due to a pandemic.

Drawing on expertise from the WHO, peak employment agencies across the world and colleagues in China and Hong Kong who are currently experiencing major workplace disruptions, we have developed an HR policy that includes:

  • things to consider when planning your potential response,
  • general strategies for your employees to help reduce transmission in the workplace,
  • how to deal with situations such as a sick employee refusing to stay home,
  • what to do about employees who need to travel as part of their role, and
  • essential hygiene within the workplace.

As more information comes to hand, and recommendations change from these agencies, we will likely update this policy.

Natural Disasters & Severe Weather Policy

The Natural Disasters and Severe Weather policy arose from the recent bushfire crisis and was triggered by a business who told us they had issues with communicating when they would close, how to deal with employees who couldn’t get to work (or who were cut off from getting home from work by the fires), and how to communicate what leave options were available.

This policy is designed to start those conversations in your workplace, and to give you a basic framework to help you to build your disaster response plan.

There were additional minor changes across all of our products:

  • Chapter 2 Travel – Updated to include examples of what is OK and not OK to claim.
  • Chapter 4 – Updated Smoking policy to include cigarette disposal.
  • Chapter 6 – Removed Bebo, Vine and Google+ deleted from the Internet and Social Media policy section.
  • Chapter 7 – Motor Vehicles – Updated to include the use of mobile phones when driving and the requirement to pay fines promptly.
  • Minor spelling and grammar corrections throughout.

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For the HR Manual and NDIS Agency subscribers, please review the Pandemic policy in particular and start to discuss the questions raised with your team members to help allay fears or concerns that may begin to develop over the coming weeks.

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