Christmas Employee Motivation


20 Dec, 2014

This Christmas – Say Thank You!

This is a little tip, but one that really means a lot to your employees. This Christmas stop and say thank you in person to each and every employee for all of their help, contribution and energy they have given throughout the year to make your company a success and in helping you grow. (Yes, even the “challenging” employees have helped to make you learn and grow)..

If you are a massive company – then thank your team and your colleague managers in other teams.

When you say “thank you” – stop and really think about it before you speak. Find one or two reasons why you enjoy having this person around, and why their contribution has been useful to the company. When you give them thanks, share that with them.

If the person is on leave, then consider leaving a handwritten note in their in-tray (suitably enveloped of course).

For extra credit – write a personal Christmas card in your own handwriting with the reasons why you are thankful each person is with you.

If you want to spread the thanks bring in a massive jar of Xmas cookies or lollies. Tie a label on it “Take one with thanks. Now pass this jar to one person on the team who you want to thank for their help during the year. Tell them EXACTLY why you appreciate them and ask them to pass it on”.

Hand the jar to one of your team and explain why you want to thank them. Give them specific details about what they do that is so great. Ask them to take a cookie/candy and then when they have thought about it, to pass it on to someone else in the team with their thanks. You will be amazed at the goodwill that will spread around the team from something as simple as cookies or candy.

Don’t be a Scrooge with your thanks. Take the time to spread some goodwill with the people who have shared your journey throughout the year.

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