The 2016 edition of the Instant HR Policies and Procedures has just been released.

In this edition …

New Sections & Forms

  • Pregnancy – expanded contents and moved to its own chapter.
  • Information Technology – Laptops & Tablets added.
  • Office Security section.
  • Reasonable Adjustment.
  • New Forms: Exit Checklist, Resignation Acceptance, Excess Leave, Part-time Hours of Work Agreement,

Updated Sections

  • Email Policy – Additional misuse examples.
  • Internet & Social Media – New Social Media sites added.
  • Workplace Health & Safety – Additional responsibilities added.
  • Smoking – Additional Clarification.
  • Parental Leave.
  • Updated Forms: Position Descriptions, Induction Checklist, Termination With Notice, Termination Without Notice.

Minor Updates

Minor spelling corrections; page numbers now centered on the page; numbered sections changed to dot points based on feedback (people were having difficulties with numbering updates).
We have also moved to a new secure digital downloads system to make it easier for you to manage your downloads (no more zip files!) and get tax invoices.

The HR Manual is just $297 Incl. GST for a raft of pre-prepared templates, forms, employee policies, procedures and guidelines.

Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual

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